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EQ Birthday Party Raffle Promo

6 April 2009 15 Comments



April 5, 2009

EQ Dry is Yzzy’s nappies. We had to change her from Huggies ‘coz it costs much more than EQ diapers. Diapers just get thrown out after a few hours… and hey, we need to be economical these days. What’s important is that I’m making it a point to change her nappies every 3 hours so she wouldn’t be getting irritations.


I just realized last night that the EQ Birthday Party Raffle Promo is going to have the most awaited Grand Draw on April 24, 2009. Good thing we were able to keep the promo requirements list!


After having a fun party time at Grand City Hotel Restaurant for Baby Ariz Rodano’s Christening and Ate Audrey Rodano’s 3rd birthday, we had to drop by Jollibee Divisoria to submit our 12 entries. We didn’t want to miss this, ‘coz I bet not all EQ Diaper users joined this contest! In fact, a lot from CDO won the Mindanao Raffle. Yzzy is hoping she could get the chance to win…its absolutely a great treat for her 1st birthday! A HUNDRED (100) WINNERS will win a Jollibee Birthday Party Certificate worth P7,000 and one (1) Birthday Party Cake Certificate worth P500!

I’ll update you on this when the big day comes! Yzzy could probably be one of those very lucky winners. ^^


  • jenny said:

    i won last 2007. i sent about 100 entries…
    i wish you good luck!!
    my child is now 3 years old and he’s still using eq!

  • willa said:

    my son is turning 7 this year. and i don’t have enough budget to celebrate his bday. i’m hoping to win in this promo. yet im still trying to send the requirements. my son uses E.Q. when he was younger. depending on our available budget. i hope i can put up a birthday bash doe his 7th bday, cause this is the very 1st he’s going to celebrate it with friends.

  • icay (author) said:

    Hi there Willa! Wow, time indeed flies so fast… And EQ does put up with those times right? That’s good of a plan you’ve got there… It’s very easy to send in entries, this post was like so months ago but I have news of a lot of people winning from all over the Philippines. Too bad I wasn’t any one of them. Well, keep those entries coming coz you might be one of those lucky winners! Be sure to see the requirements and draw dates because mine here are not up to date… Happy birthday to your son Willa.. See you around!

  • Angel said:

    Hi there! I have 2 kids right now and they used eq dry diaper since new born. Last 2 years, i tried to joined the raffle promo, i sent more than 30’s entries but i didn’t won. Now, im still hoping to win this promo. Wish me luck!

  • icay (author) said:

    Good luck on this year’s competition Angel! I hope you’ll grab it this time. Make sure you send in some more entries… God bless you and your family. :)

  • isy said:

    hi, my son gab won last 2007 his first bday, we are still hoping to win the jollibee eq promo. he is still using eq until now

  • Eloisa said:

    May result na po ba ng Grand draw winners for 2010?…
    Waiting for the result..
    Sana manalo ung baby ko,

  • ishay said:

    may result na po ba ng grand drw winners for 2010….

  • Melanie Bengao-Agpes said:

    hi! just heard from friends that there’s a new eq birthday party promo starting this january 2011 but i never saw any print ads from the groceries. kindly send me the details pls.. thnx! hope to win this time^^

  • kim said:

    does the information needed written on the back of the envelope or inside the envelope? im a first timer.. im confused.. tnx.. those who know.. kindly feedback..

  • icay (author) said:

    I did mine on the inside. :) For sure they will open the envelopes when they draw out the winners. Hope this helps!

  • icay (author) said:

    Mommy Melanie Bengao-Agpes, I checked out their website and it does not state anything though about having one at January. Will let you know when something comes up.

  • icay (author) said:

    Please check out the link on the top-most part of this post for January 2011 EQ Raffle Promo mechanics and duration. :) Wishing you all the luck!

  • chrisel said:

    Hello EQ and all the mom joining this promo. It’s my first time to join the raffle draw and my baby sam is using it since she was born, she’s 1yr & 8mos now. But it was too late cause I started collecting wrappers last december 2010…hhhmmmp…
    I watched the ad on tv about this but dont have promo mechanics in any sites i visited. I just want to know the details that will be written in the envelop?. The TVC of EQ flashes fast in the screen and this time I want it a complete data to have a valid entry.
    Thank you so much! Im so excited to drop my entries.
    Hoping for your positive response to this.

  • dean said:

    hi moms! it will be our first time to join here. im just confused with the envelope size. is there any required size? thanks. :)

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