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The Law of Attraction manifesting…

May 5, 2012

I just posted this yesterday on my Facebook page. And as I woke up today I called my husband. We usually talk using Skype since we are currently not living together. And guess what he greeted me with. He was holding up this picture of a car while he was saying that he was totally creeped out when he saw that image up in our visualization board. I needed a second to make my brain think at 4am. And it dawned on me.

“I have something to tell you …

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Ballet School it is.

March 20, 2012

Life is a dance. But I won’t expound on that. I am just sharing that we finally decided to enroll Yzzy to a ballet school in town. She wasn’t really interested much in ballet since she is mostly at home playing with my Grandma and our household help. If you ask her, she would prefer to go to a baking or cooking school! I guess she found it interesting seeing everyone cook everyday. I have been baking too when I went home over a year ago and …

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Tabby’s Visa Update: Affidavit of Support

March 19, 2012
I got an email today from the National Visa Center that the petition I filed for my husband is now approved for further processing. Now I am being asked to pay and provide the Affidavit of Support. After this one comes the invoice for the Visa. We’re almost there. Roughly about four months after Yzzy’s AOS, here comes his. I really can’t wait. Its just a matter of months more to go… I do hope the wait time would be cut down to less than a year.

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Have you ever heard of Republic of Texas? Well, it’s actually an online retail store that vends gifts and products from Texas. They sell gourmet specialties, Texas apparel for both men and women, affordable gifts and others. Basically, it’s a one stop shop for Texan products.
Their menu includes honey glazed hams with honey, garlic smoked chickens and fresh nuts from all over the world dry roasted in Austin. An online catalog is available along with price ranges that you can afford. You can get anything Texan in this store and …

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Four Years and Forever

January 4, 2012
This is long overdue. My anniversary gift just happened to arrive by mail today instead of arriving on November 21, 2011. But nevertheless, here’s some sneak peaks:

I sent him a HUGE card with our pictures together since Day 1. It is difficult to pick out the best ones that would fit in it because we truly do have a lot of photos together! Pictures only say a lot of what it was and how it changed us both. I’m sure whenever we see one, we clearly see what …

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All the recent birthdays made me think about boosting funds in the future. Everyone has their share of the bad times, where you just can’t make ends meet, and have to spend the savings on food, or a bill - or even worse, have to spend the children’s savings on keeping the heating on.
I work hard for the money I get, but it did make me think about other ways which I could try to make some money. Some seem quite obvious, but I’ve never really done, and others will …

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Happy Birthday, Mama!

January 8, 2012
It’s Yzzy’s Great Grandma’s special day today. Despite us not being to come home and celebrate it with her, I’m happy that she is with two of the many people that love her dearly. They had a get together at the Apple Tree Resort together with Tabby’s family. Mama has been more than just a blessing to us. For the many years that she has taken care of me and my three other siblings, she still lives today taking care of my little one. Thank you so much …

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It is very important for any parent to carefully select the right school for their child. Some parents go to great lengths to research the schools and to visit each of those that interest them. A lot of thinking goes into their decision which is why it is good for them to have as much information as they can.

EarlyEducationPros.org makes it easy for parents to get all the information that they will want to know about Tender Care Learning Centers and Apple Tree Children’s Centers. The website provides comprehensive …

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Late Christmas Presents!

January 5, 2012
2012…2012…I’m just glad you still came. A few days ago, Typhoon Sendong left a mark in history by hitting and causing damage and lives lost to Northern Mindanao areas. Thankfully, most of them are safe. I have some relatives who definitely lost their homes and one that lost a child. I was even worried about the box I sent if it actually arrived in the city or still on its way to the city. It was packed with goodies for everyone back home from us here. It …

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When browsing for ID card printers, you may wonder what card printer supplies you will need. There are a number of things you need to have available on a daily basis.
Printer ribbons – not cartridges is needed, because ID card printers are different and they use ribbons. So you will need to know the size and type of ribbon your printer is using. You will also need to know whether your ID printer has a multicolored ribbon or just a black one. Having an extra cable in case something happens …

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The “ber” months is finally coming with the graceful entrance of September 1st. The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time to browse for great Christmas gifts. Deciding on what gift to buy for whom can be tougher than most people think, especially when you need to give a lot of friends and family members. One website that can be visited is RedEnvelope. They have numerous gift items that have already been categorized. The things they sell are also affordable and very attractive; you’d wish you had …